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Astroloco: Worst Contact (2013)

Writer / Lead Designer / Programmer / Background & Object Artist (Hungry Planet Games)

2013 Aggie Award Nominee, Best Writing - Comedy (link)  •  4/5 - (link)
Greenlit by the Steam Community on 02-Jan-2015 (link)

"Where this game really shines is in the sense of humour that permeates the entire story [...] a great experience overall" - Adventure Gamers
"The entire game is funny and engaging, Hungry Planet made good use of humor to help keep the players clicking." - TechZwn
"This game is really, REALLY funny." - Nerdy But Flirty
"Between the hilarious dialogue and the voice acting throughout, [it's] like playing an early season episode of Red Dwarf." - JayIsGames

Download Demo (23.5MB)  •  Official site

Plan M (2012)

Writer / Designer / Programmer / Background & Object Artist

Ludum Dare #24: 1st Place - Humour, 5th Place - Fun, 9th Place - Overall (link)  • Freeware Game Pick (link)  •  Featured on Rock, Paper, Shotgun (link)

Download (16.3MB)

subAtomic (2012)

Writer / Designer / Programmer / Background & Object Artist / Audio Designer

Ludum Dare #23: 1st Place - Humour, 7th Place - Fun, 8th Place - Overall (link)  • Freeware Game Pick (link)  • Pick of the Month - May 2012

Download (2.5MB)

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I've been involved in quite a few, and a lot of them are really very good, if I do say so myself. Unfortunately, they don't all fit on this page, so if you want to see more then you'll have to click the link below.

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Hooked Gamers (2013 - Present)

Regular Contributer - News & Reviews (profile link)

Checkpoint Restart (2013 - Present)

Writer (personal blog)

Scripts & Fiction

The Memo Says 'Charge' (2014)

Radio-play, created for BBC Scriptroom 6, 2014

Clerical worker Victoria 'Vic' Douglas is unwillingly transferred from his cushy office job to the front-lines and given an officer's rank. Over the course of the series, Vic and his team face increasingly outlandish tasks, and learn to use equally unconventional tactics to come out alive.

"An imaginative, lively romp [...] funny and satirical" - BBC Writersroom

Download Pilot Script (139KB)

Drake Midnight and the Missing Subtitle (2014)

Sci-fi novella

After a data retrieval mission goes badly wrong, Captain Drake Midnight of the Star Corps is assigned to a distant backwater of the galaxy in disgrace. Now he and his crew must try to earn back their reputation with the admiralty, but it won't be easy when they manage to turn a simple scouting mission into all-out rebellion.

"The intra-ship lift doors opened with a satisfying 'swoosh', and Breaker, reclining in the command chair, looked up from his portable game. Drake entered the bridge, his face a picture of determination as he scanned the bridge. Breaker stood up uncomfortably, smoothing out the creases in his uniform, then saluted in Drake's general direction.
'The, um... ah...,' he began, 'Drake is... er...'
Drake frowned slightly, folding his arms as Breaker struggled through his announcement.
'Captain! That's the one. The Captain is here. On the bridge... That is to say, the Captain is on the bridge.'
He looked around, smiling awkwardly. Drake shook his head and moved to the command chair, sitting down in a kind of relaxed-yet-confident manner which he thought made him look quite cool. In reality, it made him look a little distressed, as if he was trying to avoid sitting on a damp spot.
'What's our status?' he said to no-one in particular. The bridge crew shifted uneasily."

Download excerpt (32KB)

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